Artists with Altitude
Artists: Karen Casey, Jane Dyer, Martin King, Jill Orr, Tony Scott, Damian Smith, Catherine Woo.
- Redgate Gallery, Beijing, in 2003.
- Dante's, 1st Floor. 150 Gertrude Street, Mon 27 September — Sat 2 October, 2004
First Altitude Print Folio, Media Launch.
Roger Butler, Curator Prints, Drawings and Illustrated Books, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, and
Kay Meadows, Mayor, City of Yarra, launched Altitude at Dante's, 150 Gertrude St, on Friday 1 October, 6.00pm

Artists with Altitude

A new identity has appeared on Melbourne's art horizon- Altitude's first appearance on a billboard at the corner of Gertrude and Smith Street, Fitzroy, from the 15th of September, will be followed by an exhibition at Dante's, 1st floor, corner Gertrude and Napier Streets, from Monday 27 September to Saturday 2 October. Roger Butler, a Senior Curator at the National Gallery of Australia. will launch the first Altitude print folio. The exhibition and print folio will feature the work of Altitude's seven founding artists. Altitude is also launching into cyberspace at to coincide with its emergence on the streets of Fitzroy.


Altitude's inaugural statement of purpose states: "The overriding perspective of the aerial view in Australian art became the inspiration behind the name Altitude. In addition to its spatial referents the word 'altitude' alludes to the spiritual dimensions of our contact with the earth and resonates with a desire to 'rise above' the current climate of cynicism that pervades Australia's political and cultural landscape. Although inspired by a local context the group's focus on connection to the environment is a universally applicable principle, a global philosophy."

Altitude was formally launched at the Redgate Gallery, Beijing, in 2003. Individually and collectively the Altitude group has fostered cross-cultural dialogues that inform their work. Working from the periphery, the artists in Altitude contemplate the human and natural elements, which create and connect individual identities to an unseen core. The work of the seven Altitude artists contemplates an open heartland where distinctive, site-specific, identities are imagined. It has been a long time since Melbourne celebrated an artist group of this stature. The potential of this new collaboration is poised for take off.