The man from Jeparit, 40 x 30cm, oil on linen
The antique shop rainbow, 32 x 26cm, oil on two panels
Stan 59 x 42cm oil on canvas paper
The man from Jeparit
The antique shop
oil on linen
oil on canvas paper
40 x 30cm
oil on two panels
59 x 42cm
32 x 26cm
Terry aka Pee Wee, oil on canvas paper, 590 x 420mm
Terry aka Pee Wee
Terry aka Pee Wee
Terry aka Pee Wee
oil on canvas paper
59 x 42cm


"My work centers on a strong, figurative narrative and I will be searching for characteristics amongst the local people that represent the salt of the earth, qualities so often evident amongst rural identities. I hope to paint from real life sittings at Jeparit and at Lake Hindmarsh and in doing so, the visual and conversational triggers will present me with a solid sense of the human condition as it has been weathered and confronted by the unpredictability of life on the land, its seasons and the hardship of drought."

Dagmar Cyrulla,
22 February 2010